How to get rid of my expentive land line phone?


By mid-2016, we have paid about $ 33 for the land line phone monthly. That's about nearly $ 400 per year. For American renters there is no need to provide them a land line phone. They all have cell phone with flat rates.
It looks different when tenants from Europe, because the roaming charges for the United States are still intolerably high. Therefore, it is still appropriate to have a cheap phone available. That's why we were looking for a good solution and have found it: With the new phone we pay now only 36 Dollars a year (4 x $10 = $40 minus 10% off for auto recharge).

Recommandation: H2o

  • First we bought a new phone here: CVSB-M906. It is not necessary to buy it from China, what we did. There are also suppliers in the USA. With shipping included we paid about 30 Dollars.
    In the meantime (as of JUN 2019) we have retired the M906 and use now an old iPhone 5s.
  • Second we bought an H2o SIM card for the area code 239. We bought it here: Travel Agency BAHNSEN for a one-time fee of about 30 Dollar. We requested Mr. HARALD BAHNSEN to create a customer account for us at H2o. It's important to have one.
    (1) We established an automated recharge every 90 days and
    (2) we insisted on a Billing Cycle of 90 days too.
    (3) After 90 days you can extend it for another 90 days and pay only $ 10.00! And so on and so on. If you have an auto-recharge you don't have to care about it. The $ 10.00 is good for 200 minutes talk time. If necessary you can recharge it any time.
    If we do not use the phone, 2Ho will charge us 10 Dollars after 90 days. The money is not lost but is transferred into the next quarter.
  • Third: We inserted the SIM card into the phone M906 and surprise: It works! Then we cancelled our land line phone at the old provider.
    Look at this video how easy it works: Click on icon to start video. Click on (x) in top right corner to finish.
  • Last at not least we created this Information for our renters:
    Our new cordless home phone works everywhere - just not under water - it's like a cell phone. The number is 239-???-????.
    ATTENTION: As of June 1st, 2019 the tariff was deteriorated by H2o. For international calls, more than $ 1 per minute will be charged or outgoing calls to foreign countries are no longer possible.
    Please do not place never-ending calls. For local calls, there is no more a flat rate. The owner pays for ALL incoming and outgoing calls uniformly 5 US cents per minute. It doesn't matter whether it is an incoming foreign, domestic or local call.
    To check your balance: dial *777# and press SEND (select button). You will receive a SMS with the actual balances and an information on the expiration date of your "Pay As You Go Plan".
    Even if your phone call takes 1 hour, so it's no big deal. One hour costs only 3 Dollars.


Order H2O®Wireless - GSM SIM card with $ 10.00 'Pay As You Go' plan and the Activation Service for $ 25.00 (one-time-payment).
That means: You pay in total $ 35.00 and your SIM card is valid for the first 90 days! For the second 90 days you pay only $ 10.00 and so on.
SPECIAL SERVICE OF HARALD: He creates an account for you. If you apply for an auto-recharge-cycle of 90 days you'll get 10% off. He registers the SIM card and activates it on the day you want.
Even you can get a phone number with area code 239.
H2O®Wireless uses the fast wireless network from AT&T.

CALL 'HARALD' BETWEEN 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.: DIAL from the USA: 011-49-309-349-0092

American citizen can buy HERE directly the $10-Plan. It is good for 90 days!

Status: JUN 2019